A new era in marketing has hatched.

Communications are no longer linear. Which comes first? Social marketing that drives people to traditional media, or traditional media that results in a grassroots phenomenon? Does a riveting TV spot turn into a viral video, or vice versa? It’s a continuous circle of branding and marketing that is less tidy and exceedingly more creative than ever before.

So at Davis, we are armed with non-linear thinkers who transcend titles, stereotypes and preconceived notions about what works best. Since 1987, we’ve created, designed and helped birth new brands, and then work to keep them strong and nimble.
We strategically nudge wonderful existing brands up a notch to solidify their footing and gain speed for the future. And we help brands that are somewhere in the middle find their authentic voice, tout their most awe-inspiring attributes and find new avenues for sustainable growth.

Do we always do things in the same order? Absolutely not. We scramble things up to fit the exact needs of our clients at their precise place in the branding cycle. Sometimes it’s eggs first. Sometimes chickens. We have a knack for knowing just what the market is craving.
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